6 Ways Raised Access Flooring Can Improve Your Office Space


Looking for some information on raised access flooring?  Well, it is pretty amazing as far as flooring goes, and there are many benefits to it.  You can really find raised access flooring anywhere, in any industry because of the mere fact that technology is being integrated into every kind of business from fashion to real estate.  

Since you are looking for info and benefits on raised access flooring let’s look at several of its aspects and why businesses find it a superior flooring choice and a good investment.  Before we get started, let’s look at a brief explanation as to what exactly raised access flooring is.  Here is a brief explanation:

Raised access flooring consists of durable and strong panels that are typically installed in a horizontal grid.  This grid is supported from beneath by pedestals that are adjustable.  These pedestals are what creates the small “crawl space” underneath the flooring that can be used for multiple benefits including air distribution and technology sharing.

Now, here are 6 ways raised access floors can benefit your space:

1. Ease of maintenance: access flooring makes it easy to fix things when they break down or need to be replaced or updated.  The floor panels are simple to remove at the pain point and whatever has been run or installed underneath is easy to see and reach so that the problem can quickly go away or preventive maintenance can be applied.    

2. Vast aesthetic options:  If your business decides to go with raised access flooring you will not be sacrificing aesthetics.  It comes in many different color and texture options that you will find fits in perfectly with your style and your company’s culture.  For example Tecnika, a brand of raised access flooring, comes in many color options, 21 finishes, 3 gloss levels and they can even create custom colors for you.  Here are some of the color samples that this particular company offers: 

3. Flexibility:  Raised access flooring allows you to run your technology anywhere.  You don’t have to worry about outlets and inputs, where ever the floor goes, your technology can follow.  This allows for more flexibility in your office design, growth and evolution as you add more employees and transfer divisions around.  You can add and change phone lines and any wires with ease.  

When you’re able to house your power, data and telecommunications underneath your access floor, you will find that your workplace is much more adaptable.  Raised floors also allow for easy access to reach the void beneath the floor if necessary, for example when changing or adding a phone line and the best part is that all of the wires will be out of sight and well organized. 

4. Air distribution:  The space beneath the floor that access flooring creates can also be used to store the air conditioning and heating units.  Air can then be distributed throughout the space through the grills of the flooring.  Most of us work in office buildings and having access to fresh, clean and comfortable air is a huge asset and offers a big benefit to company health and individual health of employees.  We spend so much of our day at the workplace, but often do not put much thought into the air quality of our offices.  Another raised access flooring pro is that it requires less ductwork.  When there is less ductwork there is decreased static pressure and better ventilation.

5. A Green option:  Most companies that make raised access flooring display it as a sustainable product.  When you are looking at the different raised access flooring products out there, make sure that you go with a product that is made of more than 80%  recycled material.  

6. Versatile:  Raised access flooring can be used inside or outside and can be easily adapted to your particular space.  It is adjustable as well so its height is flexible and it is easy to install on uneven surfaces.  Raised access flooring has even been installed in the Louvre in Paris, France as you can see in the picture below. 


So there you go, some information and benefits on raised access flooring that should start you on your journey to discovering how you can bring some flexibility and breathability into your workspace.  It is being used in more and more industries.  Insurance companies and sectors of the financial industry where a lot of computer and telecom wires and equipment are used often seek out different variations of raised access flooring for their spaces,  as well as call centers, data processing centers, distribution centers and various educational facilities.  No matter what type of work you perform or which industry you work in, raised access flooring just might be the right option for you.  


Author Bio:

Stephanie Drescher is a professional blogger for Facilitec-Inc, the company that has been providing office cubicle, project management and raised access flooring since 1983; giving their clients workspace solutions for their environments.


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