A bathroom to relax your body and stir your soul

A bathroom to relax your body and stir your soul

GROHE SPA® presents “Body & Soul Building” concept at imm cologne 2014

Time has become an ever more precious commodity in modern society. The everyday life is mostly fast lived and hectic, as distances and time differences are simply eliminated by long-haul flights or video conferences. Smart phones and tablet computers mean everyone can be reached 24/7, is always online and always on call. The more stressful the working environment, the more important it is to enjoy some quality time to one-selves. Personal escapes afford opportunities for contemplation and reflection. When we return home at the end of a long day and close the door behind us, the time has come to forget the world outside and to enjoy the cosiness and privacy of our homes to the full.


Against this background, the bathroom – the private retreat within one’s home – is increasingly gaining importance. This is the room where people spend an average six years of their lives. The more functions the bathroom fulfils besides washing and body care routines, the more people appreciate this space and think about customising it. Previously displayed in the form of fast cars and elegant mansions, luxury is taking on a completely different role – it is all about doing one-self some good in the privacy of home. Together with new products and applications, the bathroom thus becomes a place for purifying body and soul, a place of renewal and harmony.


A harmony of contrasts in the spa bathroom

True to the slogan “Body & Soul Building“, GROHE SPA® demonstrates what this new understanding of the bathroom means in terms of bathroom design and bathroom equipment at the LivingInteriors event staged at the imm cologne 2014 furniture fair. GROHE SPA®, the luxury brand of fittings manufacturer GROHE, will present a concept of balanced contrasts: morning and evening, man and woman, energy and relaxation as well as body and soul. “To feel balanced, you need to achieve harmony between the different sides of the human being and the different needs of the human body,” says Nicole Rösler, Head of GROHE SPA®. “GROHE SPA® combines fragrances, colours, sound and water treatments into an experience and an atmosphere to make everybody be at one with themselves. Matched to the different times of the day, moods and preferences, your own private spa bathroom will allow you to feel entirely at ease.”

Two products for body and soul

The GROHE SPA® exhibition booth is clearly divided into two different sections to show just how important it is to achieve a balance of seemingly contrasting aspects. It is a fusion of light and darkness, of momentum and meditation. On one side, the GROHE Grandera™ product collection is showcased in an open, bright spa environment featuring a free-standing bathtub and a matching faucet. The bathtub stands for peace and relaxation, while the faucet line embodies elegance and style. Its design combines flowing feminine forms with clearly defined masculine corners and edges. This exceedingly harmonious presentation is a perfect reflection of inner balance.

Just opposite, GROHE SPA® F-digital Deluxe is exhibited in a subdued, pleasantly warm setting. The modular system uses steam, sound and coloured light to turn the shower into a wellness oasis for customised water experiences. Depending on the settings chosen by the user, the shower has a stimulating and refreshing or a relaxing and balancing effect. The coloured LED light including dimmer, the music and the intensity of the steam can be adjusted to the user’s personal preferences using an Apple iPod. The fusion of the two halves of the GROHE concept adds to the well-being of body and soul at a time when private moments are becoming increasingly important.

“Body & Soul Building” from GROHE SPA® at LivingInteriors 2014 – the concept that helps you be at one with yourself. To experience it first hand, visit GROHE SPA® at imm cologne in Cologne, Kölnmesse, Hall 4.2, Stand B026 between 13 and 19 January.

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