A fiery accord- SANS 10400 Part T42


The EN code is the European Standard, given the status of a national standard under a mandate given by the European Commission and the European Free Trade Association.

In March 2011, the new and revised South African National Building Regulations: SANS 10400:2011 were promulgated. The portion dealing with smoke control was tightened and South Africa sped from a twenty one-year silence on smoke control into the 21st Century.

Effects of the 2011 revision
Although the 3% smoke control and ventilation rule has become redundant, many struggle to accept this and keep this rule on life support. One must always keep in mind that plan approval does not relieve one of the responsibilities for the performance of the smoke control system, should a fatality occur.

The changes that are creating the high level of excitement and trepidation in the Smoke and Heat Exhaust community need to be discussed.

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