A Touch of Magic with Mirrors


As an important design element, mirrors are valuable tools for creating visual illusions in a home. You can use mirrors to visually enlarge a small space, give depth to a flat wall, or light up a room and mirrors offer versatility in any decorating scheme.


When selecting mirrors for a home you have the option to choose shape, size and style, for the most simple, elegant and practical way of adding that extra touch of glamour to a room – with little effort. 

Practical in any room in a home, mirrors can be placed for decoration to blend with any decor style, and when surrounded by a beautiful frame and decorative details, a framed mirror is just as effective as art. 


Hang mirrors as single pieces, or as a large arrangement to reflect light and visual enhance a small space. When placed opposite a window, the reflective quality bounces light around and is excellent at improving the quality of natural light in a dark room.

When placed behind standing or table lamps, mirrors accentuate the amount of light from lamps.

The most extravagant and luxurious effects are created where a mirror completely covers a wall. Not only do mirrors then reflect light, they also fool the eye into thinking the space is larger than it is. If you can’t afford the expense of a large mirror, look at the various ways to use small mirror tiles to create your own unique mirror wall.


When hanging a mirror to reflect light, check what will be reflected in the mirror by standing where it will hang and looking at the opposite wall. Play around with the positioning until you achieve the desired effect. 

Tips for hanging mirrors

  • Use picture hangers on either side of the back of the frame as opposed to wire. The hangers will keep the mirror flat to the wall, whereas with a wire the mirror hangs at an angle – distorting the reflection.
  • Unless it is used for primping, a mirror looks best when it reflects light from a window. Check what will be reflected in the mirror by standing where it will hang and looking at the opposite wall.
  • Clear clutter when installing a mirror above a table or countertop – you don’t want the essentials of daily life reflected two or three times.
  • It is far cheaper to go direct to a glass and mirror supplier and have mirror cut to size for you. Not only will you pay far less – you can have mirrors cut to any shape or design and then add your own frame or surround.
  • Smoked or sandblasted mirrors gives can be used to great advantage in many situations where a bright clear reflection is not essential.

Mirrors, whether framed or wall-mounted, offer the home decorator a wide variety of versatile ways to address defects in living spaces, add decoration and even a touch of opulence.  Isn’t it time you thought about adding a few mirrors.

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