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Making space for fresh towels, toiletries and other essentials in the bathroom is often limited by the lack of sufficient space. Ensuring all everything you need remains in close reach could mean the 5 minute difference between you beating traffic and making it to work on time. Here is a list of easy ways to create bathroom storage space.

To start with, let’s look at making use of:


Any and all home bathrooms could use a couple of shelves. You can choose to buy ready-made shelves at your local hardware store, or make your own decorative shelves. Shelves are generally perfect for storing essentials, and they can be put to good use in bathrooms. If open shelves are what you want, when mounting them make use of baskets to keep small items such as soap, candles, and other toiletries. Baskets, boxes and containers are an easy way to contain clutter and keep all your items properly organised. And if you get forgetful, label the boxes so that you know what’s what.

While you’re putting your organisational skills to use, arrange the shelves in such a way that the items you use most are within easy reach, and items seldom used are at the top or back of the shelves.

Quick Tip

  • Be sure to use an electronic detector to ensure that you won’t be drilling into water pipes when you mount your shelves.
  • Use a glass and tile bit or a diamond-tipped hole saw to drill a hole in tiles before inserting a suitably-sized wall plug to screw shelves to the wall.

Make use of the vertical spaces that you often overlook. They can be the perfect spot to create storage space. Above a door is an area that can so easily be used for valuable storage space.

If you opt to make your own shelves, try to give them dual functionality. By adding a glass shelf and mounting a chrome rod underneath, it will allow you to combine essential storage and have a place to hang your towels.

A ready-made shelf doubles up as the perfect place to hang towels and accessories simply with the addition of some hooks underneath. This idea is ideal for a small bathroom where space is limited and storage is non-existent.

Next up, let’s see what options you have for:

Free-standing storage

If you are in a rented home and don’t have the option of drilling into walls, there are many free-standing storage options you could consider for a bathroom. A tiered shelf is an easy DIY project that you can complete in an hour or two and you will equip your bathroom with plenty of additional storage space.

Making your own bathroom storage cabinets is the way to go if you have basic DIY skills and power tools. In fact, why make one when two will offer even more storage. Tall, slim cabinets won’t take up much floor space but will provide essential storage for all your bathroom clutter.

Or, you could design a bathroom vanity or cupboard that fits under your existing sink. Incorporate pull-out shelves or baskets on sliders for easy access. And if there’s too much cast on your new shelves, illuminate the space with a battery-operated tap light.

If you lack confidence in your DIY skills, worry not. You have the option of shopping around for basic storage cabinets that can be dressed up with a bit of moulding or trim with new hardware added, keeping your cabinet clear of clutter.

Don’t let the space underneath a wall-mounted or pedestal sink go to waste. You can quite easily add a floating shelf underneath a sink to provide additional storage.Any home improvement centre or hardware store offers a variety of board and timber projects that can be used for making your own storage cabinet or furniture for a bathroom. And if you so desire, you can sign up for a DIY class while you’re there.

An excellent buy for your DIY project is PAR pine. It is an affordable option for making your own bathroom furniture and can be stained and sealed or varnished in your choice of finish. Another option is to use SupaWood. However, bear in mind that the furniture should be slightly raised off the floor to prevent the wood from absorbing moisture. Rubber roofing washers placed on the base of bathroom cabinets are a great way to lift the shelves up.

If you prefer a more rustic style for a bathroom, using reclaimed timber or wood allows you to search around for hardwoods that would otherwise be expensive.

Remember to be on the lookout for bargain buys where you can purchase basic cabinets and add mirror panels. Your local hardware store stocks a range of ready-made inexpensive furniture that you can dress up and finish to match the existing décor of your bathroom. While you’re designing your shelves, consider adding crown moulding to the top of the cabinet for a decorative finish.

Replace solid doors with glass panel doors for a small bathroom and add glass shelves rather than solid ones. This idea works well in a small bathroom since the glass reflects light and won’t make a bathroom feel cramped. If you tend to be a clutter-bug, conceal clutter behind solid doors.

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