Calacutta Glazed Polished Porcelain

Tile experts have long been increasing the size of tiles in order to provide a seamless, more natural looking surface. Italtile now exclusively brings you a super-sized tile to create the modern look you may be trying to capture.


Certain surfaces, especially screed and marble, look more realistic with a larger surface area. Marble is indeed more expensive the larger the piece of stone. Now, we can recreate this luxurious look with Calacutta and Venice tiles, measuring a staggering 900 x 1800 mm.


Less grout lines mean a calmer, larger looking area that has less intricacies for dirt to collect in – making for a cleaner environment.


Tile technical detail:

Size: 900 x 1800 mm Finish: Marble Calacutta & Venice Colours: White & Grey, Brown-Grey Material: Porcelain

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