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The sustainable stadium set to wow the world

With its red running tracks surrounded by black and white seats and floodlights stretching above the roof, London‘s elliptically shaped Olympic Stadium resemblesmany other sporting venues.   But the building‘s principal designer, Philip Johnson, believes it will lead a global movement towards sustainable architecture.   Mostly lightweight steel was used in the construction,the roof is made of PVC and the stadium boasts a fabric curtain, designed to minimize crosswinds. Moreover,the water collected from the roof is used to flush thetoilets, while the earth embankments that surround the stadium protect the biodiversity of the site by encouraging plants to grow.   To read the full article click here.       Snap It

Imagining the possibilities

With Safal Steel as title sponsor, the KwaZulu-Natal Institute of Architecture’s (KZNIA) New Paradigms Architectural Educational Conference, which took place

New kid on the block

London’s highest tower, The Shard, is put under the spotlight by Walls and Roofs. When driving through the streets of

The psychology of acoustics

Acoustical office design can have a profound effect on workers’ productivity and overall well-being. Case study: Why acoustics in offices

Insitu Palisade Walling

moladi launches new palisade security walling system The moladi walling system is simply cast with steel reinforcing placed at predetermined

Pic Projects – Services

At PIC Projects we understand the importance of collaboration between our clients and all other parties involved in making a

The Seed Project

Our former education minister, Naledi Pandor stated that nearly 5 million people are illiterate, another 4.9 million were functionally illiterate-people

Surinno Solid Surfaces

Surinno Solid Surfacing is a high quality material which can be fabricated to three-dimensional shapes and designed with inconspicuous seamless

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