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Hastens Classic

Sophisticated and minimal, Hästens Classic is the newest of our continental beds. Its unique mix of materials delivers a slim

Podium Clic

  • Belgotex Floors’ addition to the Luxury Vinyl Tiles collection, PODIUM CLIC, is inspired by nature, and brings comfort

Finoak engineered hardwood flooring

FSC certified FINOAK wood flooring is manufactured in 3 variants, each differing in core makeup: HDF core which uses a 2mm thick hardwood oak veneer over

TailorArt 3-D Tile

Artistically sophisticated but with discreet sartorial taste, measurably elegant; in tune with the trends that define the most current furnishing

Readymix: Eco Readymix

Eco Readymix AfriSam’s environmentally-friendly Eco Readymix range uses a blend of high performance cement and carbon neutral mineral components. It

Aggregate: speciality aggregate

Used in the production of the surface layer of road construction, surfacing aggregates are usually applied by chip spreaders. Our

Linear Door

The Linear collection epitomizes modern indoor architecture. With a focus on minimalism; style; design and innovation, it is the perfect

Premix: Concrete Mix

Typical Applications Suitable for minor structural applications: Small concrete repair jobs. Footings and foundations. Fence and washing line post. How

Readymix: Speciality Brands

Flowcrete A specially modified, highly workable, cohesive readymix concrete suitable for specific placement and performance needs, Flowcrete offers you more

Oakland Flooring

OAKLAND is the ideal LVT range for any household. All colourways depict a rustic and authentic look, and with OAKLAND

Roadstab Cement

Ideal for road construction, Roadstab Cement is a specially-formulated composite cement that works across a range of road materials whilst

TStar Rug

Imported from Belgium, the machine made carpets are flat woven and made with 100% polypropylene. The design is created by

Readymix: Application Brands

Foundation Mix A workable concrete is easier to place, compact and finish. The Readymix Foundation Mix focuses on strength gain

Mirage Collection

Beautiful collection of embroidered linens, florals and geometrics. See the rest of the colleciton here: Snap It

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