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Cement, concrete and mortar solutions

Readymix: Eco Readymix

Eco Readymix AfriSam’s environmentally-friendly Eco Readymix range uses a blend of high performance cement and carbon neutral mineral components. It

Aggregate: speciality aggregate

Used in the production of the surface layer of road construction, surfacing aggregates are usually applied by chip spreaders. Our

Premix: Concrete Mix

Typical Applications Suitable for minor structural applications: Small concrete repair jobs. Footings and foundations. Fence and washing line post. How

Readymix: Speciality Brands

Flowcrete A specially modified, highly workable, cohesive readymix concrete suitable for specific placement and performance needs, Flowcrete offers you more

Roadstab Cement

Ideal for road construction, Roadstab Cement is a specially-formulated composite cement that works across a range of road materials whilst

Readymix: Application Brands

Foundation Mix A workable concrete is easier to place, compact and finish. The Readymix Foundation Mix focuses on strength gain

Eco-Building Cement

A masterpiece of cement engineering, this building product is the most environmentally-friendly cement available and the result of careful research


C-Tech AfriSam cement products are specially engineered to extract maximum value from the use of mineral components. Our proprietary C-Tech

Premix: Screed Mix

This product for general floor levelling under ceramic floor tiles is easy to place and finish and is ideal for


Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag (GGBFS), otherwise known as slag, is a by-product of the steel and iron industry which is milled

Premix: Plaster Mix

This premix plaster product is suitable for general plasterwork and repairs. It helps reduce cracking, enhances workability and has a

Aggregate: road layer works

This product range includes base and sub-base materials that provide the supporting structure in pavement design. It is made from

Rapid Hard Cement

Fast track construction and precast concrete have resulted in more demand for very high early-strength specialist products. AfriSam’s Rapid Hard

High Strength Cement

AfriSam High Strength Cement has been specially designed for applications where early strength is required. Download Printable Guide  Features &

Aggregate: concrete aggregate

This material covers a wide range of specifically graded products for use in all concrete applications. Concrete aggregates may need

All Purpose Cement

Create concrete possibilities with AfriSam’s All Purpose Cement with C-Tech. As a 42,5N, this popular product is the best performer

Readymix: Starmix

Starmix is a fit-for-purpose, low-cost concrete solution for the building industry. The beauty of Starmix is that you can place

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