Classic elegance has a new name: GROHE Grandera™

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Quality endures. Even in our modern day-to-day lives it’s traditional values that make life worth living and turn conventional products into exceptional objects of desire. Values such as quality, craftsmanship and style are just some of the strong attributes of GROHE Grandera™, the new designer collection from GROHE. Born from an uncompromising commitment to perfection, this collection is uniquely positioned in the world of bathroom design. GROHE Grandera™ fulfils the need for luxury, high quality and pure beauty. Here is a premium line of water fittings that delivers on all counts.

A confident blend of elegance, timelessness, permanence and warmth, GROHE Grandera™ is a sophisticated product line that reconciles different expectations and perceptions. Its design consists of timeless aesthetics with nostalgic references, while still capturing the zeitgeist. Flowing feminine forms are combined with clearly defined edges, resulting in a genuine squaring of the circle. GROHE Grandera™ is sure to appeal to people intrigued by lasting values and timeless elegance.

Design for eternity

“Designing GROHE Grandera™ was a unique experience due to the almost paradoxical approach we took,” says Paul Flowers, Senior Vice President Design of Grohe AG. “It was all about exploring seemingly contradictory elements which, each in its own way, define the bathroom as a modern living space. Man and woman, classicism and modernism, square and circle – all this flows together harmoniously in GROHE Grandera™. The result is a line of water fittings whose international inspirations translate into strong global appeal which transcends all borders.”

Inspiration for GROHE Grandera™ was drawn from design classics and architectural masterpieces found in metropolitan centres around the world. Design lovers will notice references to Paris, Lausanne, Moscow and New York, all fused into a distinct design. For example, the basic structure of the individual products is reminiscent of the architecture of the Eiffel Tower, infusing GROHE Grandera™ with a romantic Parisian note. The shape of the products is a reference to the kind of traditional artisan skills required in the making of fine watches. Queen and king chess pieces inspired the collection’s formal vocabulary which is both female and male – a nod to the city of Moscow, which has hosted many legendary chess competitions. GROHE Grandera™’s elegance and sophistication are expressed through refined detailing and classy colour variants in chrome and chrome/gold, inspired by pieces of jewellery offered by such fine establishments as Tiffany’s in New York. And finally, the functionality of the products is supported by leading GROHE technologies, which represent everything that ‘Made in Germany’ is all about.

With this bold design concept, GROHE Grandera™ easily stands alongside with the classics and masterpieces that it draws its inspiration from. Its unique geometry, which unites circular and square elements, has prompted the GROHE design team to coin the term ‘squircle’. This characteristic shape provides the basis for all items in the collection. By capturing and reflecting light, the sweeping surfaces of the squircle invite interaction. Filigree decorative elements on the faucet body, the lever and the spout, as well as the seven-degree inclination of the lever in accordance with the GROHE Design DNA, all combine to give GROHE Grandera™ the air of a custom-made and personalised object of value – a design for eternity.


Perfect choice for stylish hospitality interiors worldwide

“In GROHE Grandera™, we wanted to develop a product line for a cosmopolitan customer group with a penchant for classical design,” says Grohe AG CEO David J. Haines. “GROHE Grandera™ is a perfect choice for all upscale projects. Its distinctive look and state-of-the-art technology make it an ideal specification for international luxury hotels. Apart from that, GROHE Grandera™ is also a stylish addition to any residential bathroom around the globe.”

Whether in Hong Kong, London or Dubai, GROHE Grandera™ provides the finishing touch for the finest hotels. Virtually all leading hotels currently pride themselves on their timeless and classically elegant interiors that promise discerning guests a home away from home. GROHE Grandera™ helps deliver on this promise by giving each guest the feeling that the bathroom has been designed as a personalised feel-good space just for them. But GROHE Grandera™ is equally at home in residential bathrooms worldwide. Exuding an air of timeless elegance, this designer collection blends in with all décors.

With its uniquely diverse range and great variety of products, GROHE Grandera™ allows for maximum design flexibility in the bathroom. The coordinated portfolio comprises faucets, matching showers and thermostats as well as white porcelain accessories. The extensive choice means that even unusual wishes can be catered for. GROHE Grandera™ makes any solution possible, blending in with all décors, from classical to contemporary.

Being part of the GROHE SPA® range, GROHE Grandera™ meets the highest expectations in terms of design, quality and functionality. While GROHE EcoJoy® helps users economise on their use of natural resources, the proven GROHE SilkMove® technology ensures the silky-smooth operation of the lever in the long run. GROHE StarLight® stands for the lasting brilliance of the surfaces and protects them against scratching and soiling. GROHE Zero is an innovative brass alloy developed by GROHE to usher in a new era of faucet manufacturing. All GROHE Zero products, including the new GROHE SPA® line GROHE Grandera™, contain 90 percent less lead and are five times more resistant to corrosion than conventional water fittings. As such, GROHE Grandera™ lets you enjoy water with perfect peace of mind.

GROHE Grandera™. Welcome home.


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