Closing off an open-plan kitchen or semi open-plan kitchen design

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Might seems strange that you would want to close off an open-plan kitchen, especially with the trend towards more open-plan design. But there are some that prefer to keep what’s in a kitchen out of sight. If you watch Masterchef you will know that there are those that cook and entertain on a regular basis and would rather not have their guests viewing the mess left behind. A semi-open-plan kitchen let’s you keep mess out of sight.


As the trend for open-plan living increases, closing off a kitchen only devalues a property unless it lends to the design, especially when there are ways and means to detract, but not completely close off, a kitchen.


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Love this bistro-style dining area that not only sections off the open-plan kitchen and dining area, but still allows plenty of light to flow through the space. Wood frames are fitted with glass panels from shoulder height to ceiling and create a cosy dining nook that easily seats six dinner guests. Even though sectioned off, this space allows communication and efficient access to the kitchen and surrounding areas.


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Fitting an sliding or accordion-style system over a countertop not only allows you to close off a kitchen during the prep and cooking process, it also easily slides or folds out of sight when the kitchen is spotlessly clean.


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An arrangement of sliding glass panel doors add an element of privacy without completely sectioning off the kitchen.


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Waist-high cabinets work well at hiding a messy kitchen and can be designed and colour coordinated to fit in with the existing look and feel of any space.


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A single frame with glass panels adds to this rustic open-plan kitchen and dining area, providing a screen between the two areas without blocking natural light. The idea was to zone the space into two separate areas without visually breaking the natural flow, to create more of a comfortable family area.


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Adding to the aesthetics of this green home design, an open plan living space is closed off with painted brick walls. The semi open-plan kitchen is cleverly concealed without being closed off from the living space.


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In this semi open-plan kitchen, built-in kitchen cabinetry and sliding glass panels that extend along the length of the countertop encapsulate the kitchen and cut down on cooking smells. When open, the countertop provides a space for entertaining or dining. Sandblasted or vinyl-coated glass would increase the amount of privacy without blocking out natural light.


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