Current state of the waterproofing industry

To find out what the current state of play in the South African waterproofing industry is, WALLS & ROOFS in Africa contacted Paul Koning, of KVB Associates, Professional Advisors in the Built Environment and also President of the Waterproofing Federation of South Africa (WFSA).

Please note the answers given by Paul Koning are in his professional capacity as an advisor to the built environment and not as President of WFSA, and two prominent members of the Damp-proofing and Waterproofing Association of South Africa (DWASA), Alexandra Lepley, sales and marketing manager at Bitumproof SA, and Phil Llewellyn, owner of Safeguard Chemicals, for their views.

Could you give a brief overview of the current state of the waterproofing industry?

Paul: The state of the industry is relevant to the general state of the building industry as far as new work is concerned. Re-waterproofing work is always there, especially in the winter rainfall areas. However, the economy plays a part in whether the jobs are done properly or just patched. Nobody wants to spend money these days!

Alex: Waterproofing and damp-proofing is an industry that is under-skilled and over-catered with fly-by-nights and “bakkie brigades”, although to put a positive light on the subject there are reputable companies with passionate artisans who provide guaranteed solutions.

Professionals are truly the ones who have been in the game for years – offering guaranteed proven solutions such as water-based spray-on solutions that provide innovative seamless applications. As a massive global industry, waterproofing and building restoration solutions are a “known must” in building today!

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