Decor and furniture using OSB – oriented strand board


OSB, or oriented strand board, is a PG Bison product that is produced by layering resin coated wood strands under heat and pressure to produce a structural board with uniformity and strength that offers both aesthetic and structural qualities that make it ideal for residential applications such as wall construction, furniture, as well as ceiling and roof construction.


In South Africa, PG Bison manufacture OSB for both commercial and residential applications. However, while overseas this product is used as an alternative to coventional timber and board, locally we have yet to discover the benefits of using OSB in and around the home.




OSB is manufactured from wood chips that are treated with resin to create a strong board product that is ideal for contemporary furniture. Left unfinished, oriented strand board can be cut to size for easy assembly of a wide range of furniture.






First and foremost, OSB is affordable as an alternative to timber and board. It’s also easy to work with and can be left unfinished or treated with stain or varnish for a satin or gloss finish.

Whereas the quality of plywood available locally is extremely poor, OSB offers a standard of quality that is consistent and allows for the use of OSB in many areas in a home.




Carl Turner Architects designed and oversaw the conversion of two barns using OSB to break up the vast interior space and create distinct areas. OSB was also used to create unique furniture that makes a bold design statement. All the walls, furniture and decorative pieces were made by Turner, turning what was an old barn into a contemporary home.







ABOVE: In the main bedroom the original Victorian brickwork is proudly displayed and flanked by two OSB storage units.





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