Decorate your home with stencils

Using Cutting Edge Stencils is a fun way to add personality to your interiors, dress up furniture, or create your own unique decor accessories.


Stencils are a fun way to add your own unique touch to your home interior, and you can choose from hundreds of designs that are available from Cutting Edge Stencils, with shipping to South Africa.

Being able to use stencils for decorating your home, your furniture, or for craft projects, opens the door to infinite decorative possibilities. With stencils it’s so easy to upcycle and reuse dated furniture that would otherwise be tossed out, or to use fabric paint to give plain inexpensive curtains drama and character. And let’s not forget about walls and floors; stencil walls and floors with colour and pattern – and forget about the expense and fuss of wallpaper


Cutting Edge Stencils inspire you to create beautiful interiors with simple paint techniques and stencils and all it takes is a desire to improve, to beautify your environment and to strive to live a sustainable life, where re-purposing, re-using and re-cycling is a way to do things.


There are hundreds of designs that you can use on their own, or combine with other designs, to create a unique touch for walls in your home. You can get even more creative with overlapping designs, different colour combinations, or even use finishing plaster for a 3D effect.


Watch the video below for even more inspiration for using stencils to decorate your home.


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