Don’t get cold when Eskom sheds power this winter!

Don’t get cold when Eskom sheds power this winter! Keep the temperature in your home nice and toasty by installing the Insul-Smart double glazed door units from GSA Smart Glass. Save up to 60% of the heat in your home with the superior thermal insulation, and solar control provided by these windows. 

Insul-Smart is the latest range of green window technology from GSA Smart Glass. These double glazed environmental windows come with superior thermal insulation and solar control to suite and manage the heat loss or gain in the rooms of your home.

You can find these in four different variations, including ClearVue, ColourVue, Nuetral and Ener-G-Smart ‘smart’ building material options, to suite your home environment and design. If keeping an air-tight home isn’t motivation enough, maybe saving money and up to 60% of your room temperature heat will convince you to find a local installer near you.

Click here to find out more information about how you can use this glass in your home.


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