Duravit D-Code Sensowash


With technology advancing at an incredible rate, we’re often left asking “What’s next?” Product and manufacturing advancement means that the technologies available to us are constantly improving, and often our expectations and requirements for these products adapt accordingly. Duravit, one of the world leaders in bathroom design and accessories, has come up with a truly extraordinary product to meet our ever-changing demands, the SensoWash.

The SensoWash offers a new range of shower-toilet seats that was designed specifically to meet the needs of today’s users. The functions of the SensoWash are operated by a control unit. After using the toilet, simply select the desired function – Rearwash, Comfortwash or Ladywash – and enjoy the pleasant warm water cleanse. The product is available at ON TAP in two different versions – SensoWash D-Code and SensoWash Starck 3.

The SensoWash D-Code is designed to match the corresponding ceramic range created by Sieger Designs, a German agency run by brothers Christian and Michael Sieger. These brothers are committed to develop truly distinctive ideas and products with unique selling points that are bound to be successful. Appealing in design, user-friendly, easy to maintain and attractively priced, the SensoWash D-Code is also an apt alternative for the commercial and hospitality sectors. Its logical layout makes it simple and intuitive to use, and this product rounds the SensoWash product line off, very nicely.

The SensoWash Starck 3 is the first bidet seat of its kind to be created by the renowned French designer, Philippe Starck. His designs range from interior designs to mass-produced consumer goods such as toothbrushes, chairs, and even houses. From the comfortable, heated seat to the wireless, intuitive remote control, SensoWash Starck 3 feels every bit as good as it looks. The functions themselves – from gentle cleaning to pleasant drying – offer maximum comfort and ultimate user-friendliness.

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