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Eaglewood Designs, Supplies and Installs all timber features with careful consideration given to all aspects of your project.
    •    Aesthetics
         When we design a new timber sundeck for you, we always take into consideration how the new space will enhance and extend the design of your home, 
         so that the new deck flows with the building and suits the aesthetics of the area. 
         A variety of timber is available to our discerning clients, allowing the finished product to compliment your garden and home.
         The layout of the decking planks can extend your view and can also run at different angles to create areas of interest. Decking can also be extended into
         other features like screen walls, fences, seats and functional pool pump covers. 
    •    Functionality
         We take into consideration the functionality of the area, incorporating steps for access and interest, as well as traffic volume and flow.
    •    Safety
         Only the very best wood and fixing are used, with special attention given to detail and finishing.
         When your sundeck is built above ground level, handrails become an important consideration in the design.
         Structural integrity is one of the most important safety features of all our installations and is never compromised.

Timber Sundecks

A sundeck can be raised above ground level with access stairs. It can be attached to a structure or free-standing, built as a patio area with hand railing, as a balcony outside a double story room window, or as a walkway through the garden. A deck is perfect as a bridge over a pond as well as a pool or Jacuzzi surround.
A deck can be a feature and draw focus to an area of the garden or enhance your existing patio/living area and extend it into the garden.

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