Finesse® Demountable Partition System: Change at less cost

The Lafarge Finesse Demountable Partition System offers exceptional freedom for architects and designers planning optimal work space in offices by ensuring the most efficient use of floor space.

Wessel Grobelaar, Project Co-Ordinator at TSA Management, says the Lafarge Finesse system is making things easier for contractors at TSA’s projects in Centurion that include 32 buildings in the Cambridge Office Park and a further 16 at Berkley Office Park. “We have found the Finesse partition system extremely easy to build and break down again when changes are required,” Grobelaar says, adding that the initial financial outlay for the system pays off in the long run.

According to Lafarge Gypsum South Africa’s Managing Director Jean-Paul Croze, the system is fully relocatable in component form and designed for today’s constantly evolving office environment. “Organisations continually evaluate and improve their operations, which often affects their office environments and staffing. Being able to move partitions without the cost of rebuilding every time can save massive costs.”

Developed to accommodate the requirements of the most technologically advanced office environment, the Lafarge Finesse® Demountable Partition System ensures that all electrical, data and communication cables can be placed within the cavities provided by the framework; in the power skirting situated at the base of the partitions; or at a preferred height within the system.

“The high quality Finesse aluminium components allow space planners to combine full height and low level partitions using a single system,” Croze says. “Centre, double or offset glazing and integral blinds can be used to take advantage of light while inhibiting noise and offering privacy, but a variety of other panel finishes is available.”

Building Better Cities is Lafarge’s mission and the Finesse Demountable Partition System not only offers a high quality, modern look, it gives interior architects products that can be used for long periods of time, even when the client’s office requires a new structure. Grobelaar says that Lafarge’s eco-specifier listing and attitude to sustainable construction is in line with that of TSA Management. 

“Our company has a farm with 500 000 trees growing on it and we currently give away some 2 500 for planting every month. We’re unquestionably committed to ‘green’ practices and are pleased to be dealing with other companies who are also committed.”

With a product line-up that boasts SABS and eco specifier listing, Croze says that the thought that goes into designing products like the Finesse Demountable Partition System is “about long-term value for clients and the environment”.

Grobelaar concurs, adding: “It’s a great system – works well for us, user friendly, looks great on the eye, perfect for offices.”

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