Gauteng Institute for Architecture Partners with the Arts

The GAUTENG INSTITUTE FOR ARCHITECTUTURE(GIfA)wishes to announce its intention to extend and formalise relationships with other members of the Gauteng creative fraternity in the pursuit of common interests and promotional opportunities to the benefit of the Arts in our province.

To that affect, GIfA has allowed its Biennial Awards for Architecture event to be an opportunity for showcasing two of these partnerships. The event is scheduled to take place on 31 October 2013 at the Turbine Hall in Newtown.

Earlier this week an official announcement was made by Daniel van der Merwe, President of The GAUTENG INSTITUTE FOR ARCHITECTURE (GIfA) with regards to a partnership with Buskaid, a charitable classical music orientated trust. This is in recognition of their contributions towards the training and promotion of young and previously disadvantaged musicians. As such a certain percentage of GIfA’s sponsorship income will be donated to Buskaid. This partnership is an extension of the Institutes social responsibility commitment to others in our community.

“We are delighted to be a part of the opportunity to improve the lives of our disadvantaged young musicians and we are looking forward in joining hands with Buskaid in creating possibilities for some of these talented youngsters. As citizens we all have a collective duty to assist where possible in creating a better life for all.” said Daniel van der Merwe.

Eighteen of these young musicians will participate as part of the Buskaid Orchestra’s performance at the GIfA Awards function with unique renditions of classical and African inspired compositions.

A second creative component at the awards will be a curated exhibition by the Art Eye Gallery of architecturally inspired art and the photography of Patrick de Mervelec, a celebrated author of eight photographic publications and recognised for his numerous exhibitions in France and South Africa. His book Johannesburg Architecture and Heritage was recently launched as part of an exhibition at the Eunic Architecture Studio event, which was focused on urban regeneration in Johannesburg.

The Award event will conclude with an auction of some of the artwork, with a percentage of the proceeds raised, donated to GIfA’s Architectural Student Bursary Fund.

About GIfA

GIfA is a voluntary association established in 1996 and incorporates the Gauteng region of the previous Transvaal Institute for Architects (founded in 1909). The Institute is a member of SACAP (SA Council for the Architectural profession and is a regional affiliation of SAIA (SA Institute for Architects). For further information about GIfA please visit: www.gifa.org.za

The Gauteng Institute for Architecture announces the 19 shortlisted nominees for the 2013 GIfA Awards for Architecture

The GAUTENG INSTITUTE FOR ARCHITECTURE(GIfA) is gearing up for its biennial Awards for Architecture, which will be held on 31 October 2013 at the Turbine Hall in Newtown. A total of 39 submissions were received for shortlisting from Gauteng’s foremost architectural practitioners, allowing for an extremely diverse selection of new buildings ranging from small scale interventions in Johannesburg’s informal settlements to upmarket residential  and new high profile public buildings.

Daniel van der Merwe, President of GIfA when asked about the judging process for shortlisting:

“The criteria for an Award  which the judging panel are looking for are foremost  that of buildings which‘pushes the boundaries’ in terms of originality; which contributes to the public realm and which are legible, easy to navigate, and offer rich spatial experiences. Also, equally important are the qualities which make buildings that are humane and make our city a better place or build a better society. Current concerns dictate that buildings should use resources efficiently over and above their success in responding to a Client’s brief and the way in which they sit comfortably within their environments.  In short- I would say that an award winning building must be a building which I would be proud to have designed!”

GIfA has announced its list of 19 finalists’ shortlisted for the Awards, the winners of which will be announced at the awards ceremony

The 19 nominees:



Project Name

What it is?


Silvio Rech and Lesley Carstens

Rammed – Earth Pavilion

Home design


Gass Architecture Studio

Westcliff Pavilion

Home art gallery design


BD Studio

Skinner Art Gallery

Art gallery design


Kate Otten Architects

House Omisore

Home Design


Kate Otten Architects

New Olifantsfontein Library

Library Design


26’10 South Architects and Urban Designers

Brixton Studio – Home

Home Design


Mira Fassler Kamstra

Alterations and additions to House Madlener

Alterations and additions to an existing house


Cohen and Garson

WAM (Wits Art Museum)

Arts Museum


Savage and Dodd Architects

The Wits University Science Stadium

Science Stadium


Michael Scholes and Associate Architects

The Wits University New School of Construction Economics and Management department

Economics and Management department building


Studiojoy +

King Edward VII School library and museum

Library and Museum


Office 24-7

House Kleine Schuur

House Design


Henry Paine and Partners


Corporate Building


Julian Kats Architects

Oak Tree Corner

Corporate Building


Paragon Architects

Alexander Forbes

Corporate Building


Architects of Justice

Seed library

Corporate Office Library



The Soweto Theatre

Theatre Design


26’10 South Architects and Urban Designers

Taxi Rank No.2 in Diepsloot

Taxi Rank Design


Arc Du Ple Architects

Geref Kerk Benoni

Refurbishment of Existing Church


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