Going Green with Kansai Plascon

By making its decorative coatings lead free, low VOC and eco-kind and producing the most groundbreaking green products on the market, Kansai Plascon has successfully advanced the industry conversation beyond the need to remove lead in paint. Instead, the company focuses on “eco-vating” for the future…

Each year Plascon launches new products and improvements that add to its existing arsenal of green solutions. A leading environmental approach that incorporates accredited international environmental management systems, continues to place the company at the forefront of the African coatings industry. Great strides have been taken in the areas of technological research and development into green coatings, continuing Plascon’s 125-year long history of leading quality assurance, superb formulation and trusted performance.

So when it comes to talking about coatings and the environment, Plascon can confidently shift the conversation forward. To date Plascon’s green coatings triumphs include:

  • Plascon Natural Deck Coating, a complete natural solution for treating wood, introduced to the market in 2013
  • Lead-free formulations for all its decorative paints since 1998
  • Low VOC, Eco-kind decorative coatings and colourant systems
  • Plascon RemovALL – a completely eco-friendly paint remover
  • Full support for the National Department of Health’s drive to regulate the lead content in paint
  • Abiding by the Code of Conduct as published by the industry regulator, The South African Paint Manufacturer’s Association (SAPMA)
  • Plascon Professional Evolution, South Africa’s first entirely green paint system with zero emission status

These are just a few examples that demonstrate Plascon’s commitment to a cleaner, greener world. You see, Green is not just a colour for us. Plascon broke new ground in the coatings industry with the introduction of Plascon Professional Evolution. The range not only meets all the needs of a green product, but also goes beyond any further legislative requirements in terms of VOC ratings.

And now in 2014, Plascon has once again pushed the envelope by launching new Water-based Velvaglo, which was introduced to the market in March. Plascon doesn’t merely innovate, it eco-vates – thanks to parent company Kansai Plascon’s ongoing commitment to research and development in order to produce remarkable products with rewarding results.

Plascon’s state-of-the-art laboratories are housed at the Development Centre in Krugersdorp and the Research Centre at Stellenbosch University. Furthermore, Kansai Plascon Africa has access to the leading global technologies of the international Kansai Paint Company group.  The Kansai Paint Company is the market leader in Japan and a top 10 global player with over 500 chemists and an annual investment in excess of 50 million US dollars made towards research and development. The end result of this combined know-how is that the local market here in South Africa benefits from cutting-edge innovation.

It’s not just our products that are green – so is our approach to manufacturing. We’ve successfully implemented Environmental Management Systems in each of our South African manufacturing plants, and attained ISO 1 4001 certification at all of them. We have achieved and maintained our ISO 14001 accreditation since 2005.  Furthermore, in October 2007, Kansai Plascon (Pty) Ltd was accredited with the Occupational Health and Safety Standards OSHAS18001: 2007.

We continue to develop and implement ground-breaking environmental processes to ensure that our future – all of our future – remains sustainable.  And equally importantly, we continue to pioneer environmentally sensitive products without compromising the exceptional standards and performance that we’re renowned for.

If, like us, you are genuinely concerned about how coatings are made, and what they contain, then it’s time to turn your attention to a greener future , with Plascon…

To find out more about what Plascon is doing download the full Green Handbook from www.plascontrade.co.za

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