GROHE commits to the worlds most valuable resource

In 2009, the Water Research Commission of South Africa discovered that South Africa has 4% less water than it did 20 years ago. If the current state of wasteful water usage continues, Rand Water predicts that demand for water in South Africa will completely outstrip supply by 2025, with hubs like Gauteng facing more looming deadlines.  

But all hope is not lost. South Africans need only break their water usage habits by, at the very least, adopting technology that automatically puts less strain on the country’s water supply.

In celebration of Water Week 2013, GROHE highlights the importance of saving water through innovative technology and meticulous German design.

Germanic ingenuity

“Quality made in Germany” is one of GROHE’s brand values. The concept of German quality incorporates the company’s uncompromising commitment to manufacturing excellence and ultimate product performance. All products are developed entirely in Germany, allowing for close coordination between all GROHE’s departments and manufacturing plants. The “Made in Germany” quality seal sums up these wide ranging activities, stretching from in-depth R&D and design to rigorous manufacturing and quality inspections.


Technology saves

GROHE places sustainability and quality at the centre of its design philosophy. Two of the company’s products that exemplify this ‘green’ attitude are namely, GROHE EcoJoy™ and GROHE SilkMove® ES.

GROHE EcoJoy™ is an integrated water-saving technology that restricts water flow. To put it in perspective, GROHE EcoJoy™ products (basin mixers in particular) release 5,8 litres of water per minute, compared to an average basin mixer which releases around 12 litres per minute. GROHE EcoJoy™ is already included in thermostats, dual flush sanitary systems and electronic taps/faucets. Recently, EcoJoy™ has also been incorporated into basin mixers and showers heads to maximise on the world’s water efficiency.

GROHE SilkMove® ES is a new tap/faucet cartridge technology that works to prevent water from being heated when it is wasteful to do so, saving energy in the process. Traditional lever taps’/faucets’ central default position is set at a mixture of hot and cold water – wasteful when all that is generally required is hand washing or the rinsing of a toothbrush. In the GROHE SilkMove® ES, the central default position is set to the ‘cold’ position and cannot be turned towards hot unless in a certain position. This supports consumers in mitigating unnecessary power consumption without even thinking about it.


Best-of-breed – WELL (Water Efficiency Label)

Consumers are becoming increasingly conscious about how their purchasing decisions affect the environment. Any consumer who wishes to go green demands clear, reliable and sound guidance. WELL (Water Efficiency Label) is a classification system of the European sanitary valve industry, which promotes responsible water usage by evaluating and grading popular products of which GROHE receives top notch results.

According to the WELL classification system, a range of GROHE basin mixers and showerheads received the highest possible grades in their respective categories. This is due to the inclusion of both the integrated temperature limiter on basin mixers with SilkMove® ES and the reduced flow rate on showerheads with EcoJoy™.

Water = Life

Water is a diminishing resource in our world, but the future does not have to be so bleak if humanity acknowledges its inherit obligation to cradle this reserve through responsible usage. GROHE has realised its own responsibility by offering consumers environmentally-friendly technology that allows for a more sustainable future. It is up to the consumers to put it into practice.  



Friedrich Grohe established GROHE in 1936. GROHE is German manufacturer of sanitary fittings, including kitchen and bathroom faucets, and shower systems. Since its establishment GROHE has continuously built their reputation for unrivalled quality, superior design and impressive technology. With a history of technological advancement, a renowned in-house design team, and a customer promise with regards to quality that has stood the test of time. Eight decades down the line GROHE is now a multi award winning brand. Having won numerous awards such as reddot, IF and Good Design. All of these thanks to their great innovations in the industry.

This release was issued by Ogilvy PR on behalf of GROHE


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