GROHE Power&Soul® Natural Colours Collection


Designed to deliver a deeply satisfying and personalised shower experience, GROHE Power&Soul® showers are now also available in a naturally inspired colour scheme. The new GROHE Power&Soul® Natural Colours Collection pampers its users with a great variety of shower modes while its coloured shower faces add a stylish touch to the bathroom. These hand showers blend innovative technology with natural elegance and are a perfect complement to all modern bathroom styles.

The choice of colours for the new GROHE Power&Soul® variants is inspired by the soft tones of natural materials frequently used in contemporary bathroom decors. From Natural Sandstone, Cloudy Limestone and Fired Clay to Sheer Marble, Misty Slate and Frosted Granite, these colours perfectly match many popular stone and wood finishes seen in today’s upscale bathrooms. As such, the showers can be used in a wide range of bathrooms from private residences to luxury hotels and stylish wellness areas.

Harmony of form, function and colour
Apart from their natural colours, the showers in the GROHE Power&Soul® Natural Colours Collection also stand out through their attractive design and innovative technology. The “One-Click-Showering” on the back of the hand showers makes the difference. Four buttons give the user fingertip access to four single sprays and seven additional mix sprays. While the powerful Jet setting is ideal to relax tense muscles, the GROHE Rain O2 spray is full of air-infuse waterdrops for a voluminous and deeply relaxing shower. The Rain Spray soothes the skin and the GROHE Bokoma Spray™ recreates the effect of a fingertip massage just as the like-named massaging device traditionally used by Australian Aborigines; eight dynamic nozzles create a “breathing” effect as they open and close.

GROHE Power&Soul® hand showers are designed, engineered and manufactured entirely in Germany. GROHE DreamSpray® ensures the accuracy and richness of the spray patterns. This technology, which is the heart of all GROHE showers, distributes water evenly to all nozzles. In addition, the showers integrated EcoJoy® technology which allows to reduce water consumption without compromising on comfort and the overall shower experience.

The GROHE Power&Soul® Natural Colours Collection brings a supremely enjoyable showering experience and a sophisticated look to today’s naturally inspired bathrooms.


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