GROHE Power&Soul® showers make the ideal gift

Give a luxurious shower for Christmas

GROHE Power&Soul® showers make the ideal gift

 As the year draws to a close, many of us face the age-old question of what gifts to send to all those tech-minded business associates, busy moms or sophisticated design lovers on our Christmas list. Accommodating the different wishes of our relatives and friends usually means an odyssey around busy shops. It does not have to be this way; however, for now there is an innovative gift that’s guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face: the GROHE Power&Soul® hand showers, available in three sizes, two designs and many colour variants.


Come Christmas time, the lucky recipients of these stylish gifts will find it easy to soothe away the stress and hectic pace of the pre-Christmas rush. Their new showers will relax tense muscles and help recharge batteries. Diverse spray patterns make for a fully personalised shower experience every time. The innovative “One Click Showering” spray selector not only provides push-button access to four unique spray patterns, but also allows another seven mix-spray combinations – that is showering enjoyment to the power of eleven at your fingertips.

 A Christmas gift with a long-lasting effect

 The GROHE Bokoma Spray™ introduces a breakthrough in spray pattern delivery by harnessing the power of water to create a “breathing” effect on your skin. Opening and closing once every second, the eight dynamic nozzles recreate the tension-relieving effect of a fingertip massage. This luxurious spray is complemented by the gentle Rain pattern, the air-infused GROHE Rain O2 spray and the powerful Jet setting. Whichever spray pattern is selected, GROHE DreamSpray® technology ensures a rich shower experience by delivering the right amount of water to each and every nozzle on the shower face. All models come equipped with GROHE EcoJoy® water saving technology, which allows the reduction of water and energy consumption without ever compromising on the quality of the shower experience.

 To each their own

Variety is the name of the game, in terms of not only the spray patterns but also the available styles to choose from. While purists will respond to the architectural, minimalist feel of the flat and cylindrical Cosmopolitan range, the timeless, organic look of our Contemporary models works in family bathrooms and those devoted to individual relaxation and well-being. Customers looking to add a dash of colour to their daily lives will be grateful for a hand shower from the GROHE Power&Soul® Natural Colours Collection – the shower faces come in soft tones such as Sandstone, Limestone, Clay, Marble, Slate and Granite. Picking the right shower for every taste has never been easier.

Come to think of it, friends, neighbours and partners are not the only ones who’ll appreciate these showers as the perfect gift. After the exhausting business of decorating the Christmas tree, or the many hours spent in the kitchen preparing dinner, a GROHE Power&Soul® hand shower could be a well-deserved gift to yourself.

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