GROHE – Pure Freude an Wasser,A German brand promise and its meaning

GROHE – Pure Freude an Wasser
A German brand promise and its meaning 

A German claim is making its way around the world: “GROHE – Pure Freude an Wasser“. While the correct pronunciation is not clear to all (here’s a little help: ˈpuːʀə fʀɔɪ̯də an ˈvasɐ), the message itself could not be any clearer – the GROHE brand stands for perfect water delivery “made in Germany”, offering uncompromising comfort, fun and enjoyment of our planet’s most vital resource. Building on a trend-setting premium product range, unique expertise and target group-oriented services, GROHE presents itself as a global leader who points the way forward for the sanitary market.


Its German heritage is an important feature of the GROHE brand. The company’s German factories provide stimulation and drive innovation. By using a German brand claim at an international level, GROHE underlines the fact that the company’s core competencies are rooted in Germany: from development and design to production and quality assurance. At the same time, the claim defines GROHE’s commitment to combining performance with responsibility. The claim expresses the emotional component of the brand, which is further intensified by the hand-written look and feel.   


Success based on clearly defined values


Quality, technology, design and responsibility are the driving forces behind the GROHE brand promise. GROHE quality is rooted in German engineering, as highlighted by the company’s “Made in Germany” quality seal. All its German manufacturing sites are closely connected to its international plants. This ensures not only that the same high GROHE standards are applied everywhere but also that knowledge is exchanged on an ongoing basis.


GROHE looks back on a long history of pioneering achievements in the industry. Innovations such as the first thermostat or the first digital controller underpin GROHE’s reputation as a technological leader, drawing on a unique body of knowledge surrounding the use of water. The design of the company’s high-quality products is in the able hands of its in-house Design Studio team led by Paul Flowers. The international designers have built a brand identity that is determined by the recurring elements of the GROHE Design DNA. The wide range of different styles and shapes means that GROHE offers faucets and bathroom products to suit any decor and any taste.


Responsibility for the future


GROHE defines responsibility as using resources with a good conscience. All GROHE products are designed to help reduce the consumption of water and energy. However, GROHE assumes responsibility also for its employees and partners, who support the company in achieving shared success and reaching shared goals. And last but not least, responsibility is reflected in the company’s support of the GROHE JAL Academy, a training workshop for young people from impoverished backgrounds at the Don Bosco Learning Center in Mumbai.


The GROHE brand and its claim “GROHE – Pure Freude an Wasser” represent innovations, modern design and a long German tradition of quality and sustainability. The product portfolio comprises everything from bathroom and kitchen faucets to thermostats, drinking water systems, showers and shower systems. It also serves as an umbrella for the GROHE SPA® brand and the GROHE Professional brand. GROHE SPA® (“Home is where my GROHE SPA® is“) stands for luxurious collections, designed to transform any bathroom into a private spa. GROHE Professional (“GROHE Professional – Work Smarter“) is the brand for professional sanitary fitters and installers with a focus on behind-the-wall installations.


“GROHE – Pure Freude an Wasser” is more than a German claim in the international sanitary market – it is an overarching brand promise.

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