Hennie Botes – Keynote speaker at Shelter Afrique Symposium Abidjan

Hennie Botes, the inventor and CEO of moladi, has been invited as keynote speaker at this prestigious event. This symposium has been organized jointly by Shelter Afrique and the Ministry of Housing, Cote D’Ivoire.


Moladi, an award winning South African based company established in 1986, makes housing accessible to low-income people through innovative and eco-friendly reusable recycled plastic formwork technology.


Decent affordable housing is one of the key factors in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. It is not just about putting a roof over someone’s head. Academic research proves that access to a clean and stable home implicates an improvement in security, health and education.


With the motto “Train the unemployed to build for the homeless” Moladi combines construction with economic development to bring about change.

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“Train the unemployed to build for the homeless – Fight poverty and unemployment through housing”

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