Hi-tech cement-based solutions

iTe Products has developed very close relationships with world-leading technology-based raw material manufacturers, and uses the technology that these companies provide to formulate cement-based solutions to specific construction industry issues.

South African conditions and practices require products manufactured to meet these requirements to minimise typical problems encountered. The “green” requirements of corporate clients afford opportunities to protect the environment through using the latest technology.

SEALiTe is a hi-tech cement-based waterproofing compound which can be used in a wide range of applications from waterproofing behind riven-type wall cladding to concrete roofs, from behind shower walls to flower boxes, from Koi ponds to irrigation canals. Canal systems have been successfully restored in Pongola, Vaalwater, Upington and Klawer, with SEALiTe providing a cost-effective, practical long-term solution to the deterioration seen in many agricultural canal systems.

When used behind riven stone tiles, the adhesion properties of the system provide a permanent basis onto which the rivens can be bonded in the conventional cement-based method, due to the fact that no degradation of the waterproofing will be experienced. SEALiTe can withstand both positive and negative hydrostatic pressure, making it ideal for use in damp applications such as basements or where moisture is damaging plaster, painted plaster or flowerboxes. SEALiTe can be painted over with the same paint used in the overall decorative finish.

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