Hygiene in Healthcare is imperative – But what floors to use?

Resilient flooring in healthcare has always been the popular choice because of its durability, underfoot comfort, aesthetic appeal, long-lasting beauty and cost-effectiveness. With indisputable “green” qualities resilient floorcoverings is a main contender for these types of installations.

When one considers the healthcare aspects of floorcoverings in hospitals, clinics and other buildings related to the medical field, hygiene is the word that naturally springs to mind, but as the floor is where bacteria normally exists the risk is amplified in these environments because if the floors are not properly cleaned, or unable to be properly cleaned, diseases might spread and contaminate the patients.

So, apart from the strength, longevity, and other integral benefits of the selected floorcovering, the overriding purpose of a floor in a healthcare application is to provide a horizontal clean surface, whether a hard or soft floorcovering is chosen.

Recent Trends

Although vinyl floorcoverings are still very much favoured in healthcare applications, it is interesting to look as some of the specialist developments that have taken place in flooring materials for these projects.

Greener flooring choices – those with renewable resources and low volatile organic compound (VOC) content – are being used in many new medical facilities and it is now becoming the norm to strive towards using green products whenever possible.

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