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Access control and security system solutions

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Atlas Automatic Revolving Door

This automatic revolving door is suited for applications requiring high vol

Full Height Industrial Turstiles

Tribune full height ultra secure single reader turnstiles key points are:

Half Height Prestige Turnstile

Triton half height glass turnstiles key points are: - Suited for applicati

Half Height Industrial Turnstile

Titan half height industrial turnstiles key points- Provides a low visual b

Drop Arm Barrier

Waist height drop arm barrier's key points are:- Suited for applications re

Man-Trap Cubicles

Full height cubicle are suited for applications requiring high volume acces

Portable Waist Height Turnstiles

Portable waist height turnstiles key points are:- Perfect solution for any

Atlas Manual Revolving Door

This Manual revolving door is suited for applications requiring high vol

Three Quarter Height Industrial

The three quarter height industrial turnstiles key points are: - Medium se

Full Height Prestige Turnstiles

The Triton full height octagonal glass turnstiles key points are: - Form:


Waist height ultra high speed barriers key points are:- Winner of SASSDA’


Fingerprint lock combination for access control: Fingerprint Access Contro

Booth/Cubicles Model no 541 IV

Model MOD has mechanically operated doors which, from a locked position, un

Home Automation Systems

WAB Systems are specialists in the custom design, supply and installation o

Security Mantrap

Mantraps are available in Single or Double configuration with options: - B

Stylish Security

SHUTTERWAY STYLISH SECURITY offers an aesthetically pleasing and strong sec

SMARTGUARDair Wireless Keypad

For stand-alone access control at an entrance to a property


Trellidor provides physical security solutions for all environments. These

Call us now for all your access control and security needs.Free quotes and

Eezipay access control solution

EeziPay's access control system is easy to install and even easier to use,