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Plumbing, water and waste solutions

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Rain Water Storage

Why go above ground if you can go underground?Our tanks are odourless, resi

Bain Drain

A Truly hygienic flush fitting floor drain that eliminates odours and air b

The Bathroom Kempton

All water related piping and fittings. Marley and Geberit for pvc and Maksa

Aqua Trip Manually controlled Systems

AT100 Series - Manually Controlled Systems* Designed for installation in a

AT400  Series - Integrated Hard Wired Systems

Designed for installation into a new building when it is constructed. They

AT300  Series - Wireless Radio Controlled Systems*

Designed for retrofit installation into existing buildings or integrated in

CLAMPON Plastic Pipe Couplers

Our plastic pipe couplings serve as a self-locking pipe joint system for al

CLAMPON Slurry Pinch Valves

CLAMPON (PTY) Ltd manufactures maintenance-friendly and cost effective slur


CLAMPON (PTY) Ltd manufactures PVC and HDPE pipe fittings with only the hig


Expand a Drain offer various solutions for standard and custom specified ch

Wirquin dual top flush with lid locking system

Adaptability : push button can be embedded or top mounted depending on ø o

Premier Compact Cistern kit

Dual flush technologyHigh and low pressure50-43mm flush pipeGuarantee 10 Ye

Drainage - Trap

The same bottle trap can be fitted onto washbasins, hand-basins, bidets or

Flexible Jollyflex Solvent Weld

It is no longer necessary to remove the pan to replace the evacuation pipeF

Toilet Seat

HYGIENICALLY FRIENDLY - Bacteria cannot grow or live on the seat.WATER RESI

GFlow Grey Water System

The GFlow, affordable, robust & reliable, grey water system. Easy

Superhead Rainwater Tank Filter

Ensure that only clean water goes into your rainwater tank everytime it rai

Sole Agent for Robot Submersible, Immersible and Dry-well pumps. Pumps for

Concealed Cisterns for Brick & Drywall

Re-evolve supplies concealed cistern systems for brick & drywall ap

seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe is a hollow cross-section, no seams around the long bar