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"Terms of Service"


By creating an individual or enterprise account on this site and using it, the Member (the person or entity creating the account) agrees:

  1. To use the site only to share and source industry specific information and opinion and to interact with site Members regarding industry products, services, information and its issues.
  2. Not to create a fictional, false or fraudulent account with an intention to mislead members, nor post content or comments under a name that is not that belonging to the Member.
  3. Not to publish any content that is false, unlawful, copyright, defamatory, misleading, hateful, profane, racist or morally, politically or religiously offensive to the general Membership.
  4.  To accept membership entirely at the Members own risk recognising that the site is a public network and an open communication system: Accordingly:
    1. The Member acknowledges that the member is responsible for any content published by the member and indemnifies the site owner and the site administrator against any liability for any content published by the member.
    2. The Member acknowledges that the site owner, sponsors and the site administrator are not responsible for any content published by any other member to the sites platform and will therefore not be obliged (but may choose) to moderate membership or member content.
    3. The site owner, sponsors and site administrator will not be liable to any Member for any action or damages arising through the use of this site for any reason whatsoever.
  5.  That the site owner, sponsors and the community administrator may elect to modify suspend or terminate the site or site functions, sponsors or components entirely at the site owner or community administrator’s discretion.
  6.  That the site owner and/or administrator is entitled, but not obliged, to delete content that does not comply with these terms of service.
  7.  Not to do anything to compromise the repute, privacy, operation, functionality or security of the site sponsors, site members, the site owner or its administrators nor use the privilege of a Membership to do anything to harm the site, imitate the site or draw away Members from the site.
  8.  Not to use the site to solicit information or members for the distribution of unsolicited spam or to promote persons, products or services without explicit consent to do so, or use it for any other purpose in conflict with the intentions of the site or the members who join it.
  9. To keep confidential any information declared as confidential and not to unlawfully use any confidential information or intellectual property made available to the member via the site.
  10. That the site administrator’s has the right to grant continued membership to the site at the site administrator’s discretion as well as the right to suspend the Members membership in the event that the member fails to comply with any of these terms of service.