Insitu Palisade Walling

moladi launches new palisade security walling system

The moladi walling system is simply cast with steel reinforcing placed at predetermined positions and intervals between the patented plastic formwork, on site (in-situ). This process is the same way bridges and high rise buildings are constructed This superior insitu process forms a homogenous monolithic wall with the option of altering the compressive strength of the mortar (concrete without stone) for different soil conditions and levels of application. The wall strength can be varied by adding more or less cement, varying the compressive strength from 10 MPa to 30 MPa.

Test have proven that a moladi insitu wall is far superior to precast wall panels. Precast panels can be snapped, cracked or broken by simply kicking the member. Because existing palisade fencing is erected/assembled on site, the wall is actually made up of individual precast members having to slot into each other, making the end product heterogeneous and susceptible to breakage. We aim to launch the moladi palisade walling system early in the new year with all the relevant information on a new website.

Link to moladi housing website –


moladi plastic formwork construction system

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