Instant Architectural Decorative Film for any surface!

In the penthouse of Sandown Place, lives a gem unbeknown to the average passerby. Medici is a local interior house filled with décor solutions (All of which I would love to put in every room of my house!)

As I walked up the stairs and into the top apartment, I had no idea of the inspiration I would find. So overwhelmed, I have decided to cover a range of incredible products over a few weeks. (So keep an eye out for next weeks Medici feature)

This week I have decided to focus on their new product called Reatec.

Wow! With endless applications, this decorative film is applied using the pressure sensitive adhesive backing it has.

Medici has 175 designs and 548 colours of Reatec to choose from, which are indistinguishable from real wood, stone and leather.

This quality product has a 5-year warranty!  And it is installed and repaired onsite.

To make sure we’re keeping up with the green and environmental status, it is also environmentally conscious.

If you’re not sold yet- here are the winning features for me: It is washable, anti-bacterial, scrubable, cold crack resistant, and heat resistant. It is flexible to go over 2D and 3D surfaces. Looks identical to but is Less expensive that the real surfaces, and less expensive to install.

This new technology is perfect to recover cupboards, walls, doors, furniture and shelves without having to install brand new ones and at half the cost!

See some inspiring ideas of Reatec applications on their product page, click here, or paste this link in your browser:


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