Interior walling for today’s environment

WALLS & ROOFS looks at the influence of demountable and drywall systems in the office environment.

Today’s discerning architects and designers are faced with a range of options for interior walling applications. The majority of these are demountable and moveable partitioning systems and drywall or board options. Here we explore the benefits of using them in your next project.
Modular perception
Demountable office partitions have a range of flexible uses. As these partitions offer an easy way to manage space strategically, they can be customised to tenants’ specific needs with relative ease. Moreover they are cost-effective and present an environmentally savvy alternative to permanent walls.

Today’s fast-moving corporate environment calls for equally fast-paced change when it comes to office tenants’ needs. Demountable floor-to-ceiling office partitions are movable and reusable. They are less intrusive and disruptive than conventional construction and drywall methods. Moreover, the fast-growing need for this flexible wall solution is driven by a push for sustainable building design.

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