Is that a render? KAIA opens in South Africa

There has been a mini digital revolution going on in the European and American Kitchen Bedroom and Bathroom (KBB) industries which rivals the transition from film to digital cameras.


Starting in Scandinavia and spreading throughout the UK, across to the states and now South Africa, Computer Generated Imagery [CGI] or 3D renders has been gradually replacing photography as the method to create marketing images, films and interactivity.


Until the late 2000’s the technology has not been able to reproduce the degree of realism and complexity needed to rival photography, but now it is possible and it allows a much greater freedom to communicate and target ideas and strategies.


The advantages of this method compared to the traditional route of photography are huge;

  • Savings on costs, same quality as top level photography
  • Quicker to market
  • Revisiting images years down the line
  • Savings on prototyping and logistics
  • Smaller space footprint required to carry out the work
  • Creative freedom

The inherent nature of CGI allows for much greater use of any assets you create. Once we have built a 3D model of a kitchen we can reuse it in a years’ time to change the doors or we can take the files and create an interactive application which allows consumers to configure their kitchen designs online. These kinds of tools are very useful when making decisions on a big purchase like a kitchen and it always helps to be able to see what you are buying. 



Having honed his skills in Dubai and the UK, our Director Nick Smith has returned to South Africa to open KAIA, a Durban based studio offering the local industry the same services. KAIA is closely partnered with Pikcells Visualisation Studio, the industy leaders in this type of CGI work.


Our CGI work is well known as some of the best in the world and the levels of realism we can achieve can easily match that of photography. As well as the KBB industries we can also provide useful tools to companies specialising in tiles, sinks, taps, flooring, ceramics, furniture, anyone who would typically use room set photography.


The KBB industry is very large in South Africa and could benefit greatly from our unique approach to creating images and other digital content. KAIA is very excited to be bringing these new cutting edge tools which will transform the KBB industry.






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