Lafarge Gypsum’s Finesse: Changing spaces at less cost

Because the only thing certain in life is change, Lafarge Gypsum’s Finesse® Demountable Partition System has been designed to evolve with the needs of end users, the people who are going to be comfortable in their spaces as building interiors require transformation to suit new requirements.

Charl Neser, Office Installations Co-ordinator at TSA Properties, says his company uses Finesse® in all of its commercial space installations, not only for its exceptional freedom in planning and efficient use of floor space, but for safety and environmental impact reduction. “The Finesse® Demountable Partition System is easy to assemble and if the client changes a plan, it’s easy to breakdown and reuse at least 70% to 80% of the material, which means cost savings and a lower carbon footprint. It is also important to us to use products with a good fire rating which is vital to the safety of those using the buildings.”

Managing Director of Lafarge Gypsum South Africa Jean-Paul Croze says all Lafarge Plasterboards are tested to SANS 10177 part 2 – 1981. “Walls can be designed to suite fire rating requirements up to a two-hour fire rating and we recommend these for high risk areas such at kitchens.

“The Lafarge Gypsum commitment to Building Better Cities includes interiors, where safety, noise reduction, comfort and eco-friendliness for a key part of our business strategy. We understand every requirement, from concept through to construction and liveability; as well as the bigger picture, which is a building’s impact on our planet. Our listing on ecospecifier.com and our SABS ratings across a range of products means architects, interior designers and construction companies can be sure they’re giving their clients the best environments they can.”

Neser adds that combining the Lafarge Finesse® Demountable Partition System with the company’s Ceiling Grid and 9mm vinyl ceiling tiles gives offices a “look that is upmarket and pleasing to work in”.

In an age where technology determines the functionality of an office, the Finesse System provides cavities or power skirting to enclose all electrical, data and communication cables. “The premium quality aluminium components also allow for a combination of full height and low level partitions using a single system,” Croze says, adding that a choice of centre, double or offset glazing and integral blinds can be used to take advantage of light while inhibiting noise and offering privacy.

“TSA would recommend the Finesse system and other Lafarge Gypsum products to anyone designing an interior space that may need to change to suit family or commercial needs,” Neser says. “Combining safety, ease of use, looks and eco-impact is key to sustainable commercial interiors.”



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