Modern Stone Baths

Free standing stone baths are a new trend.  It becomes a feature in your main bathroom design. It must be said that you do need some space for these baths to be the focus point of your bathroom design. But they are beautiful. Free standing baths do come in various sizes from 1.9 m to 1.5.  The smaller free standing baths are ideal for town houses which usually come with smaller bathroom designs.  The Ios free standing stone bath is a case in point.  Specifically designed for the smaller bathroom in Europe for people that want the luxury and comfort of a free standing bath with limited space. Victoria and Albert baths come with a 25 year warranty which is supplied by Victoria and Albert no matter where you have made your purchase. Free standing baths bring a new trend to bathrooms since view of them have overflows.  In order to conform with insurance company policies a floor drain is installed which provided much better protection against overflowing and drainage than any bath overflow can provide. Ask us for more details

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