Painting the town green

Paint colours our world. Although most paints are available in a rainbow of colours, not all paints are green.

So, how do you distinguish a “green” paint from a conventional paint?

A world of choices
Many conventional paints contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in varying amounts. VOCs are organic chemicals that get released as a gas from paint as it dries and even in small amounts after it has dried. VOCs escape into the air as soon as the paint is applied. Outdoors, VOCs can cause harm to the environment. Indoors, VOCs contribute to unhealthy air, and extended exposure to these pollutants may even lead to respiratory and metabolic illnesses, headaches and a host of other disorders.

How to find pollutant free paint on the shelf:

  • Read product labels: The simple rule is, the lower the VOCs, the safer and healthier the paint.
  • Be aware when tinting:  Although the base may below VOC to start with, after a traditional colourant is added, this claim may not be valid.
  • Choose water-based, not alkyd: Oil-based alkyd paints contain far more VOCs than water-based paint.

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