Patio Furniture by Corradi Arredi

Italian designed – providing comfort, elegance and practicality even in the harsh outdoors, Corradi Arredi patio furniture solutions team the demand for functionality and tough materials with painstaking, timeless design and attention to details, to provide the same luxury, comfort and style you are used to from you indoor furnishings. The design genius of Gianluca Rossi evident, made in Italy-  it is a given that the style and technology of Corradi Outdoor Design, provides a number of furniture lines, that best meets the requirements of any private or commercial sector. High-tech, elegance, sophistication and resistance to the elements, guarantees to satisfy even the most discerning customer. The outdoors becomes a space to be used throughout the year, creating real added value for businesses or private homes. Corradi outdoor furniture sets the trend and the standard that others wish to follow. Visit our website at to see the full range of furniture and outdoor accessories.

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