Relaunch of the world’s most popular line of GROHE faucets

Good, better, Eurosmart

Relaunch of the world’s most popular line of GROHE faucets

What happens when you take the world’s most popular line of faucets to the next level? You get the best Eurosmart that has ever been, a line of faucets presenting a modernised design as well as outstanding and innovative functions. This is what architects, planners, installers and consumers around the world will soon be able to see for themselves when GROHE relaunches it’s most popular line of faucets and fittings in the shape of Eurosmart.

More beautiful, more functional and even more comfortable than before – the GROHE designers and engineers have done an excellent job in making an award-winning product even better. By increasing the distance between the spout and the lever while raising the overall height of the faucet at the same time, they have improved operating comfort by as much as 30 percent depending on the individual model. The lever is easier to reach and there is more space for the user’s hands below the spout. Importantly, the clearly structured form of Eurosmart effortlessly matches with the most diverse range of today’s bathroom decors.

The ultimate in efficiency

The new line of faucets also raises the bar in terms of sustainability. Equipped with GROHE EcoJoy® technology, the new faucet limits water consumption to 5.7 litres per minute without in any way compromising on the water experience. The new and improved 35-millimetre cartridge with integrated temperature limiter helps users manage their energy consumption while protecting them against scalding at the same time. Moreover, the faucet is also available as a GROHE SilkMove® ES version. This “cold-start” technology means that opening the lever from its central position will release cold water only, thereby avoiding energy being wasted for heating up water in situations where using cold water is perfectly fine.

Whether it is on major projects or in individual customer bathrooms, professional plumbers will appreciate the efficient installation of Eurosmart. GROHE QuickFix® technology speeds up the installation of all Eurosmart faucets for washbasins and bidets. The concealed fittings for bathtubs and showers, too, benefit from a patented fastening system, which enables installation without any visible screws, resulting in very sleek looking rosettes that are even easier to clean and maintain.

Extensive range, coordinated design 

Architects and interior designers will love the extensive range of Eurosmart faucets and fittings. Available with low, medium and – for the first time – high spout, the washbasin faucets are easy to combine with numerous different basin types and styles. In addition, the range covers all other areas of the bathroom from the bathtub to the shower and the bidet. In addition, there are matching sink faucets for the kitchen as well as electronically controlled fittings for public washrooms.

Introducing Eurosmart from GROHE – the next step in the evolution of faucets and fittings.

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