Security solutions for unusual doors and windows

WKF 12-6 Trellidor Clear Guard sliders on narrow window

Atypical doors and windows may add individual flair to a home but aren’t always easy to secure against house robbery.  The solution is a made-to-fit barrier as even the most unusual of openings can be protected by custom designed security.  Trellidor has some interesting installations to share as examples.

Large picture windows and doors

Extra large windows and doors designed to open up as much of the view as possible and ‘bring the outdoors in’ can also be a security hazard: one well-aimed blow from a hammer gives easy access to robbers.  But cluttered burglar-proofing is also not the answer.

Trellidor Clear Guard has become a popular solution as it is manufactured to match the design of the window or door.  An expansive sliding aluminium kitchen window, for example, will be fitted with a Trellidor Clear Guard unit that slides alongside the window and matches it in colour.  It is hardly noticeable, allows uninterrupted views of the exterior and can be opened to blur the lines between inside and out when entertaining.

Boxy contemporary windows

WKF 12-6 Trellidor Clear Guard sliders on narrow window

Modern homes and offices are often fitted with box-like windows that are functional, offering fresh air and light, but difficult to protect.  Off-the-shelf, standard-sized security barriers are simply not designed for this type of fixture, but Trellidor Clear Guard can be manufactured in whatever style best suits the window, from sliding units to awning windows to sash or fixed configurations.

These barriers consist of an aluminium frame with an industrial grade stainless steel mesh screen insert.  The screens fit neatly into the window reveal and safeguard the windows against break-ins.  They do more than just a protection job, screening out harsh sunlight, high winds and annoying insects when windows are left open for fresh air.   The screens have an additional security feature in that they allow clear views of what’s happening outside.

Dramatic front doors

Entry doors are often designed to make a style statement and are extra large; surrounded by picture-window sized glass panes; or on a pivot system to open and close.  Customised security is the only way to go if you want to keep the character but stop intruders from getting inside. 

Trellidor offers several options to solve these problems.  A Trellidor Rollerstyle aluminium shutter could be fixed to the outside edge of the entrance way, and rolled up into the shutter box when not needed.  Or Trellidor Clear Guard screen doors could be designed to fit the door and adjacent windows. 

Or install a custom-made Trellidor Retractable Security gate that fits the opening, tucks into the reveal space and is powder coated to blend in with the home’s colour palette.  It stacks compactly to one side when not needed, and won’t interfere with the door’s opening and closing.

Quirky passages and stairs

Beckley-28 hi res

Passages with high ceilings, staircases with a 90° change in direction, large landings and narrow doorways all need securing and would benefit from a customised security barrier.  Trellidor Rollerstyle shutters are a good choice because they can be shaped to fit the space, as in the case of the staircase that changed direction.  They are also great for narrow passages as they roll up right out of the way when not needed, providing maximum walk space.  The shutters can also be personalised, with a viewing panel inserted or a choice of slat style and full automation.

Trellidor Retractable Security has often been used to protect large landings, particularly when residents don’t want to be completely shut off from the rest of the home but want to avoid any nasty surprises from house robbers.

Visite the website to see more applications of these and other Trellidor products. Or find your nearest Trellidor franchise to custom design your security barriers.

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