SMS alerts for your alarm and access control systems

Have you ever gone to work and realised that you forgot to turn on your alarm? What about when there are power failures,wouldn’t you like to know that there is a power failure before you get home so you can stop at the nearest takeaway to pick up a meal for your family.Forgotten to leave keys for guests or hubby to get into your property? Wouldn’t you like to know if someone is breaking in?

Well we have the solution,a device that sends you a SMS when your alarm is activated or when the power goes off.You can also activate your alarm remotely or open a electric gate…the possibilities are only limited
by your imagination.
For businesses,did your co-worker go home with the keys and you cannot get into your office,well now you can using this device it is a quick add-on to existing alarm systems and access control systems and gives you peace of mind so why not give us a email for further information
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