Stylish and effective security for your home

As South Africans, we are aware of the importance of security ad nauseam. However, many of us are tired of the standard options available to us. Traditional burglar bars and barbed wire deter intruders, yet make our homes look unsightly or resembling a fortress.

One option that many have found helpful is to marry the beauty of aesthetics with security. Shutterway Stylish Security pride themselves in finding the happy medium by fulfilling the need for a security measure while still being able to contribute to your home’s overall attractiveness.


What makes Shutterway different

Burglar bars:

These aren’t like the ornate, old-school ones we grew up with. Made of tough steel, protected against rust and carrying a 5-year guarantee, they are firmly fixed into the interior of your window. They are a breeze to clean, do not obstruct your view and are fashioned in clean, horizontal lines in the Louvre-style that is easy on the eye and adds a touch of elegance. 

Security gates:

These are of the same design and quality as the burglar bars and are available in a variety of configurations to suit your needs. They can also be installed in passage ways or hall ways to secure certain areas of your home. Modelled in the same clean, horizontal lines, these gates are not unsightly and ensure your home is still beautiful. 

With years of experience and excellent client recommendations, Shutterway Stylish Security is able to secure your property with ease and efficiency. For more information, visit their site and get a quote from them today.



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