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Who we are

A lot has changed in the flooring industry, but Floors Up is still dedicated to bringing high quality service.

Floors up aims to give the end consumer the best value for money in all their flooring needs.

We aim to be the market leaders in the provision of quality floors at affordable prices.

Commitment to quality is what sets us apart from our competitors, and we have the best fitting teams the flooring industry has to offer.


Laminate Flooring

A luxurious home or office is important for everyone, thats why at Floors Up we aim to supply and install the best quality floors to your satisfaction.

Who said quality must be expensive, at Floors Up we provide quality at affordable prices, from well established factories.

We want you to experience the perfect combination of luxury, quality, comfort and elegance.

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Carpets provide elegance to the home or office, and because of the many textures and patterns available we want you to enjoy your carpeting experience with carpets from the leading carpet manufacturers who South Africa and the World has come to hold in high esteem.

The highest care is taken in choosing the fibre to use in the carpet manufacturing process,

Wool: An aesthetic fibre that gives your home that ageless look

Acrylic: A more affordable substitute for wool, but still giving your carpets that wool feel.

Polyproplyne: A stain and fade resistant fibre that is found in most of carpets manufactured.

Polyester: A man made fibre that gives you elegant flooring at affordable prices.

Blends: Carpet manufacturers also mix different materials to come up with excellent blends that leave you with satisfaction as you look and feel you carpets


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