Sureroad is a portland-composite cement that is ideal for the construction cement-stabilised layers for roads.Sureroad is suitable for use with a wide range of Southern African soils, giving superior performance in road stabilisation applications.The addition of two to three per cent of the cement to the substrate will increase its strength and improve durability. 


Product description: 

SUREROAD is a CEM II 32,5 product, manufactured with the addition of an extender or blend of extenders (fly-ash, blastfurnace slag
and/or limestone). The mineral constituents are carefully selected and the composition optimised to produce an excellent road-stabilisation


Product applications: 

PPC SUREROAD 32,5 cement has been performance engineered to improve the engineering properties of soil by:
? Reducing the plasticity index (PI);
? Improving the Unconfined Compressive Strength (UCS) and Indirect Tensile Strength (ITS) of the host materials; and
? Enhancing durability and achieving superior performance with most road materials.
Performance testing shows excellent performance with soil classes G5 and G6, and for road strength classes C3 and C4. To determine the
optimum cement type and cement addition rate with site-specific soils, the UCS (MPa) and ITS (MPa) should be tested for a range of
cement addition rates.





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