TAL supplies rapid-setting and flexible adhesive system for wall and floor tile installations at Katherine & West

TAL supplied adhesives and ancillary products for the installation of 10 000m² of porcelain tiles at Katherine & West, an office development on the corner of Katherine and West Streets in the Sandton Gate precinct.

The eight storey triangular building, designed by LYT Architecture and developed by Barrow Properties, consists of approximately 19 000m² of sectional title office space and seven luxury penthouse apartments. 

The building has a modern design with a striking glass facade and the corner facing the intersection of Katherine and West Streets has a prominent black tiled feature wall to which its signage is secured.

TAL supplied TAL Goldstar 6, a rapid-setting tile adhesive and TAL Bond, a latex additive for the installation of tiles to the exterior facade, interior lobby, lift shaft walls, reception area and bathrooms.

“This fast-track tile installation called for an adhesive system that is not only rapid-setting to enable trafficking after only a few hours, but also flexible to withstand building and thermal movement and exposure to the elements,” says technical representative at TAL, Schalk Pelzer.

TAL Goldstar 6 is a rapid-setting, high strength, grey powder adhesive suitable for fixing porcelain, ceramic and dark-coloured granite and marble tiles to walls and floors in interior and exterior installations. It is high-strength, shrinkage compensated and sets to allow traffic after only six hours, depending on site and ambient conditions.

The water in the adhesive mix was replaced withTAL Bond, a modified latex additive, to enhance the bond strength and flexibility of the tile installation.

“The tiled feature wall on the outside of the building required a flexible and water-resistant installation as the cladding is exposed to temperature fluctuations, frost and rain that result in the expansion and contraction of the installation,” says Pelzer.

TAL products are manufactured locally and developed to suit South African climate conditions. TAL Bond is designed to enhance the bond strength, flexibility and water-resistance of cementious adhesives and grout when tiling areas subjected to building movement, thermal stresses, exterior and/or exposed areas, high traffic areas and flexible backgrounds.

Black matt porcelain tiles in a 600x600mm format were installed on the exterior walls of the building and mechanical supports were installed at 1.8m intervals. To allow for movement in the installation, tile panel movement joints were created at 1.8m x 3m intervals and TAL Goldstar Sealmaster 1000, a single component permanently flexible polyurethane joint sealant, was used to seal the tile panel movement joints.

The lobby features 400x800mm matt porcelain tiles in light grey on the floor and the lift shaft walls were tiled with a 600x600mm grey matt porcelain tile and mechanical supports were installed every three metres.

The reception area is on the first floor and features a light grey 400x800mm gloss tile on the floor. The bathrooms were tiled with 300x600mm charcoal coloured matt porcelain tiles.

In addition, the external balconies were tiled with 300x600mm matt porcelain tiles using TAL Goldstar 12, a quick-setting, high-strength adhesive mixed with TAL Bond to improve the flexibility and water-resistance of the tile adhesive.

TAL is ISO 9001:2008 quality management system certified and its products are designed, manufactured and tested to TALstandards, assuring customers that products will perform to specification.

TAL is a member organisation of the Green Building Council of South Africa and all TAL products used on this project conform to the VOC requirements stipulated by the Green Building Council of South Africa.

Contact the TAL Technical Advisory Service on 0860 000 (TAL) 825 or visit www.tal.co.za for more information.

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