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An old cabaret theatre from the roaring 1920s has been uncovered in the heart of Berlin, Germany. With project developers The Moritz Gruppe at the steer, the building will be restored to its former glory.

The city of Berlin, Germany, has experienced enormous change over the past century. As a result, many of its old secrets have been lost. When an old cabaret theatre  from the roaring 1920s was rediscovered in the heart of the city, both historians and residents had reason to celebrate this former architectural jewel.

Some four years ago Dirk Moritz,  founder and chief executive officer (CEO) of the German real estate firm Moritz Group, literally stumbled upon the abandoned three-storey building located behind a courtyard in the former communist east of the city. He first noticed a run-down building in the trendy central Berlin district of Mitte when visiting a public indoor swimming pool with his daughter next door.

“Something  just didn’t  seem right with the building,”  he said. It was deserted and derelict, completely  shut off from the now sprawling modern-day Berlin.

Out of curiosity, Moritz asked the caretaker for the keys to take a peek inside.

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