Township and Urban Development 2014

By 2030 South Africa should observe meaningful and measurable progress in reviving rural areas and in creating more functionally integrated, balanced and vibrant urban settlements. For this to happen the country must: clarify and relentlessly pursue a national vision for spatial development; sharpen the instruments for achieving this vision and build the required capabilities in the state and among citizens.

National Development Plan – Vision 2030

Hennie Botes, CEO and inventor of moladi, has been invited to present moladi as an innovative building technology to address the shorage of quality affordable housing implementing technology to speed up delivery and in so doing reduce cost of construction.

The population of African southern cone is growing so do the cities and urban settlements. The high urbanisation rates are because of rural to urban migration and high population growth rates. The proportion of people living in urban areas increased from 52% in 1990 to 62% in 2011. This will continue to increase to over 70% by the year 2030. This urban migration is a result of “push and pull” factors such as looking for new job, better infrastructure, modern housing and better education.

The solution lies in thinking beyond. Do not miss this opportunity to join the industry experts, professionals and decision makers involved in every stage of proper development.

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moladi plastic formwork construction system

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