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“Baby it’s cold outside!” Dean Martin couldn’t have summed up any better invitation to stay snuggled up at home. But a warm home is becoming more of a luxury when you consider the rising cost of energy prices and the gloomy outlook for power outages across the country.

While on www.Home-Dzine.co.za we look at many different ways to warm up a home, one place to start is by adding the right window treatment. Most homes are fitted with standard 5mm-thick glazed windows, and these windows can lose up to 50% of heating and cooling energy generated during the summer and winter months.

Simply adding the right window treatment will reduce energy loss and provide increased protection for a home by minimising solar heat during the summer months and heat loss when it’s cold outside.

 Let’s take a look at some of the latest window treatments available locally:

Honeycomb or cellular blinds



Honeycomb or cellular blinds are the latest innovation that combines high fashion and technology. These blinds not only look good, the honeycomb design traps air in a cellular pocket, which then provides a layer of insulation thereby helping to reduce energy consumption and save on your monthly bill. Honeycomb or cellular blinds are available in a wide range of styles, colours, and opaque or semi-opaque fabrics to decorate a home with flair.

If you prefer a more traditional approach to dressing windows, there’s no reason why you can pair honeycomb or cellular blinds with fabric drapes.

Roller Blinds



Roller blinds offer a stylish and affordable alternative way to reduce energy loss via windows. Fitted with a roller mechanism bar at the top, these blinds can be designed to fit onto any window and are available in varied colours and fabrics. Innovation in design allows you to choose between manual pull-mechanism and electrically operated system, depending on your budget.

Sliding panel blinds



 Sliding panel blinds provide a contemporary way to dress larger windows or install a room divider with style. These panel blinds are perfect for reducing light and glare without losing privacy. The installation allows the panels to slide to one – or both – sides of a window in a neat arrangement.

When temperatures drop, the fabric panels serve to reduce heat loss or gain through large expanses of windows or doors.




Wooden shutters are great thermal insulators for small or large windows and are considered more of a fitting and, as such, add value to any property. Wooden shutters can be opened and closed on demand to allow in natural light during the warmer part of the day and be closed to keep warmth locked in when temperatures drop.

Don’t waste energy in the home when installing the right window treatment will not only add good looks, but


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