Langebaan Holiday Home

A home where every room captures the beauty of the world around it.

Nestled away on the gorgeous shores of Langebaan beach, this holiday home was something of a dream project for its Germany-based owner Clara Dalkmann, who wanted to give her family the experiences she had as a child, resting in the lap of luxury as she frolicked on the Langebaan sands.

And who better to bring that dream to life than Dalkmann’s own sister? Cape Town architect, Bettina Woodward, has spared no expense in bringing to life a home that best captures the beauty of the beach they both fell in love with, delivering a sleek, sunny design atop a gorgeous rocky outcrop. The home boasts what they refer to as a “glass gable”, utilising windows throughout the home to allow an uninterrupted view of Langebaan lagoon throughout almost every room of the house, allowing its owners some much-needed space to relax with a book in the sun, without having to leave the comfort of their living space.

Every facet of the home, from its sharp, geometric design, to its elegant and robust features that permeate each room (as well as a stylish, sheltered outdoor terrace, perfect for basking in nature without worrying about Langebaan’s strong winds) embraces the world around it without any frills, creating a living space that feels low-key and sleek, yet nothing short of luxurious.

A perfect holiday escape that celebrates nature rather than turning away from it. We’re more than a little besotted!