Rural Development needs Rural Developers

Rural Development needs Rural Developers

One of the biggest and most crucial issue facing the African continent is that of urbanisation. Daily people leave their rural villages lured by the prospects of a better life in the city. Yet, this does not happen and more and more cities and city dwellers are struggling under the pressures of “City Living”. “Work” to provide “Food” and “Shelter” – this is the basis of survival. If there is no “work” “crime” is one of the next options.

moladi, through its rural development plan as “Rural Developer” focuses on technology as a major role player in overcoming basic supply and production problems. Some people might wonder why the “empowering people” approach focuses on low-end solutions in this context. How can simple and low-cost technologies tackle the most pressing problems in the developing world?

 It was Dr Ernst Friedrich Schumacher who coined the term “Small is Beautiful”. The economist and philosopher wanted to stress that small-scale technologies are the ones needed in the fight against poverty. These solutions have great advantages: they can be implemented with local resources and skills and they are affordable – which makes them tools that empower people to help themselves. 
The impact of appropriate technology becomes particularly noticeable when innovative solutions are used and promoted by social entrepreneurs who put social impact at the heart of their business. The combination of low-cost technology and social entrepreneurship can have far-reaching implications for thousands of lives. Creating jobs, stimulating ownership confidence and the spirit of innovation – this is what social businesses are looking for. Appropriate technical solutions improve life quality and can give the initial push for development.

As William Shakespeare wrote – “Talkers are no good doers”. There are hundreds if not thousands of organisations and institutions that “talk” about ‘Rural Development and Uranisation’ based on historical data proving the point, yet very few are “doing” something to combat the trend. And the bigest culprit of all is governments and bearoucrats not taking action to prevent this “talked” about catostrophy from happening. This is the gap that moladi has seen and has decided to concentrate on and become the “doer” and provide this vechile as an option to leaders to make a change in their countries A proffesional holistic “Rural Developer”.


Moladi partnered with prominent “champions” in the field of:

  • Roads – Soil Stabilized and compacted road surfaces 
  • Borehole drilling
  • Solar Water pumps
  • Solar geysers
  • Solar panels and wind turbines to generate electricity
  • Town planners
  • Engineers
  • Horticulturist and farmers
  • Chicken producers/farmers
  • Logistics
  • Remote Education (in the mother tongue)
  • Health care
  • Various retail operations / Franchise
  • etc. etc.

All of these combined “knowledge base” or “champions” allow for successful implementation in a very short time establishing and duplication self sustainable moladiVillages all over rural Africa. Food produced in these villages are then exported to the cities guaranteeing food security and sustainable development. 

For more information visit our website at www.moladi.net or contact us at moladi

Rural Development – A holistic approach







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